Single Mass DCP Kit 4.6 kg. Hammer


Single Mass DCP Kit 4.6 kg. Hammer, 37 3/4″ Drive Rod (36″ actual penetration) , (DM.QC.2), 1 Hardened Steel Reusable Cone Tip (Qty 1 DM.ALL.1), Durable Hard Plastic Case, Does not come with Vertical Scale (DM.ALL.10), Disposable Cone Tips (DM.ALL.25), or Disposable Cone Adaptors (DM.ALL.3) These can all be purchased separately.

Meets all D6951/D6951M − 09 (Reapproved 2015) and Army Corp of Engineer certifications and standards.

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 48 in